Zuri is an adopted girl from Uganda who loves rainbows and unicorns.  She has an attitude, but still is sweet. she has a love for king up nary friends such as  the millie the mermaid who was her bff, and jessica, who was her imaginary enemy. Though zuri gets up to alot of mischief, she can be very helpful, such as, she was the one who hiredhired Jessie,  she helped burtrem learn to ride a bike.

Trivia Edit

. Zuri was the one who offered jessie the nanny job

. Zuri wanted her imaginary enemy, jessica, to suffer

. Zuri helped luke prank Ravi

. Zuri usually invites emma to her tea parties

. Zuri (and Ravi) give jessie and luke money 

. Zuri is good with old people, sometimes

. Zuri cares for her butler

. Zuri believes in Santa

. Zuri (and luke) took jordans phone to call everyone on the contact list

. Zuri sells lemonade

. Zuri sometimes wishes she still wore pull ups

. Zuri thinks that jessie is the best nanny in the world

. Zuri wants jessie and tony to be together

. Zuri does not like jessie being bullied

. Zuri has had possessions taken away from her by bertram

. Zuri stinks at oragamy

. Zuri cares about environment (or just her tree)

. Zuri has entered a beauty pagent before

. Zuri sneaks icecream

. Zuri (and emma) plan tony and jessie a date

. Zuri used to have a phobia of dolls

. Zuri (and luke) likes to run to other way when ravi isnt looking

. Zuri would make a good butler

. Zuri has had "15  minutes of fame"

. Zuri was expecting to see rainbows and unicorns for her gotcha day

. Zuri had an imaginary friend called millie the mermaid that died . Zuri cares about her family and will do anything to help in danger EVER IN DANGER.

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